Like both melons and squash, cucumbers belong to the gourd family. They contain healthy levels of vitamins K and C and are one of our go-to produce picks year-round. While crisp and crunchy cucumbers are a lynchpin in our salad arsenal, we also love to make them into delicious homemade pickles and mix them into our salsas for an added crunch. The F&W guide to cucumbers combs the globe for different ways to use this popular vegetable. You'll find recipes for refined English tea sandwiches, spicy Sichuan Pickled Cucumbers, creamy Indian cucumber raita, and refreshing cucumber-based cocktails.

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Quick-Pickled Sweet Cucumbers
Requiring just 15 minutes of prep, these superthin sweet pickled cucumbers are salted before they're submerged in the pickling brine for maximum flavor. Slideshow:  More Pickled Vegetable Recipes 
Polish Cucumber Salad
The combination of sliced raw cucumber and onion is a classic one. This fast salad is great on its own, but is especially welcome alongside grilled or pan-seared sausages. Let the salad sit for about 30 minutes before serving for optimal flavor. Slideshow: More Salad Recipes 
Homestyle Cucumber Salad with Garlic
This cold, crispy, superfast recipe from blogger Kian Lam Kho makes an excellent side dish. Slideshow:  More Chinese Recipes 
Thai Pickled Cucumbers
These simple pickles are delicious the day you make them. If you let them sit for a few days or even a week longer, they’re still great. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Magnetic Role Reversal
The basil-cucumber puree here is from Jay Schroeder, whose Magnetic Pole Reversal tequila cocktail inspired this mocktail. For a drier version, stir in tonic water; for a sweeter drink, use lemon-lime soda instead. Slideshow:  More Nonalcoholic Drink RecipesRecipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015 
Hot and Sour Cucumbers
Instead of serving cucumbers cold, blogger Sasha Martin looks to China for this warm, crisp, tangy stir-fry of cucumbers and mushrooms spiced with ginger, garlic and jalapeño. Slideshow: More Cucumber Recipes 

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