Some say nothing's more American than apple pie, but corn has to be a close second. Just imagine Southern picnics without cornbread, movies without a bucket of buttery popcorn, or summer without golden ears of corn on the cob. In the Northeast, corn chowder rules; in Creole kitchens of the South it's maque choux; and in low country, corn is a breakfast staple in the form of creamy grits. In recent years, American cooks have even been exploring the sweet side of corn, with frozen desserts like corn paletas and corn ice cream appearing on menus around the country. No matter what region you're in, F&W's guide to corn has recipes that are sure to please—from inventive popcorns to summer party food to cocktails made with corn spirits.

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The Surprising History of the Corn Cob Holder
From corn-forks to tiny swords to cornscrews, hands-on inventors have tried it all.
Grilled Corn Salad With Coconut-Peanut Chaat
Make sure you grill corn for this salad before summer ends. It combines sweet, lightly charred fresh corn with a topping that stars ingredients including flaked coconut, curry leaves, and peanuts. It's a side dish or main that's bursting with flavor and texture — salty, nutty, crunchy, juicy, sweet, savory, and crisp. The chaat can be made in advance and stored at room temperature for up to one week, so it makes day-of prep easy. Just prep the scallions, grill the corn, and toss everything together.
Perkedel Jagung (Indonesian Corn Fritters)
Chef Lara Lee's Perkedel Jagung are all about the sweet, tender corn. Packed with fresh or frozen kernels and layers of flavor from fresh ginger and shallots, fragrant Makrut lime leaves, and floral ground coriander and cumin, these fried treats are delicious served with a balancing spicy Tomato Sambal.
Creamed Corn Pasta
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Fresh corn melts into a creamy sauce that clings to every cranny of this pasta from Victor King of The Essential in Birmingham, Alabama. Any short noodle, like gemelli or casarecce, will work here. Using a vegetable peeler to shave the corn kernels is key to this summery dish: The peeler cuts juicy pieces of fresh corn while leaving rich and creamy corn milk behind to add body and flavor to the sauce.
Fried Yuba Tacos with Sweet Corn Relish
In this recipe, Chef Bryant Terry fries rolled yuba, or thin sheets of tofu skin, in avocado oil until crispy, yielding a hearty vegan taco filling. Diaspora Co.'s single-origin turmeric lends its zesty, deeply floral flavor to the summery corn relish that tops these tacos. Diaspora Co. is one in a rising tide of small spice companies delivering better-tasting spices while supporting small, independent farmers. A spoonful of "green cream"—sautéed spinach stirred together with mashed avocado—holds all of the delicious components in place.
Succotash Is the Best Way to Eat Corn Off the Cob
 A gorgeous side dish or main course for late summer and early fall, this succotash combines sweet corn, shiitake mushrooms, and sugar snaps.

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Grilled Corn with Cotija and Quicos
Hot off the grill, charred sweet corn gets slathered in tangy lime mayonnaise and topped with extra-large crunchy quicos, or corn nuts, in des Jardins’ version of elote. For a plated version, cut the kernels from the cobs and toss with lime mayo and quicos, then scoop and serve.
Sweet Corn Succotash with Shiitakes and Sugar Snaps
This bright, buttery succotash by Katy Sparks (BNC 1998) is a perfect summer side dish that comes together in minutes. “My inspiration for this dish is to take a fresh look at an American classic, succotash, which is usually sweet corn cooked together with lima beans or other green beans,” Sparks says. “I like to lighten it up with summery snap peas and add meaty shiitakes for depth of flavor. Fresh basil in the smoked paprika butter elevates the whole recipe to something that pairs wonderfully with anything you want to throw on the grill: chicken, pork, fish, burgers, eggplant, and peppers.” Smear leftover butter on grilled bread, stuff it under chicken skin, or use it punch up the broth for steaming clams or mussels.Related: More Corn Recipes
30 Days of Summer Corn Recipes

Among tomatoes, stone fruit, and berries, corn is another summer produce star, and you can use it in everything from grilled cheese to ice cream (no-churn ice cream, in fact!). We also love adding it to salads, steaming it with lobster, and of course, grilling cobs, too. Read on for those recipes, and more corn dishes we'll be making this season.