Vitamin C galore.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated June 27, 2017
© Christina Holmes

Despite all our protesting, it seems that summer might be coming to an end. That means you can expect a plethora of horrible things in the near future, including cold season. You are probably thinking it’s a good time to increase your morning orange juice intake, but we have another suggestion.

Because of a trending post on the TIL (today I learned) subreddit, we’ve learned that broccoli has nearly twice the vitamin C of oranges by weight. For this reason, we’re recommending you avoid citrus overload and just eat a ton of broccoli this cold season.

Here, seven delicious recipes that could, theoretically, help you avoid catching a cold this year. Ready, set, broccoli diet.

Broccoli with Preserved Lemon Yogurt

© Christina Holmes

Chef Laurent Tourondel roasts his broccoli steaks and adds a delicious, tangy yogurt sauce.

Broccoli and Wild Mushroom Casserole

Make broccoli your main dish with this Ritz cracker-topped casserole.

Broccoli Frittata

Broccoli has tons of vitamin K, which helps improve cognitive abilities, as well as a chemical called sulforaphane, which research suggests could aid in the brain repairing itself. While it’s not a common breakfast ingredient, broccoli is delicious in a simple frittata or “breakfast pizza,” as chef Marc Murphy calls it.

Wondering how to incorporate broccoli into your breakfast? This is how.

Grilled Broccoli and Bread Salad with Pickled Shallots

Here, Chef Charlie Parker serves lightly charred broccoli and ciabatta cubes in a twist on an Italian bread-and-tomato salad.

A twist on an Italian bread-and-tomato salad, this dish is full of flavor from the grill.

Creamy Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Crisps

Warm up with this comforting broccoli soup.

Broccoli Bread

Even carb-lovers can find a way to get their broccoli in with this incredible stuffed bread.

Roasted Garlic-Parmigiano Broccoli

Ben Dearnley

The best way to celebrate broccoli and its goodness is with just a bit of garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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