Broccoli Recipes

If you’ve only been eating plain, steamed broccoli, you're missing out. There are many ways to prepare this tender ingredient that will make you forget that you're actually eating your vegetables. Chef Charlie Parker of Alfred's Steakhouse in San Francisco loves to grill his broccoli over an open flame: "It gives food so much flavor without the need for butter." If flames aren't your thing, F&W's guide also has ideas for broccoli salads, slaws, soups, casseroles and more.

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Roasted Broccoli Steaks with Tomato Butter and Tapenade

At his Philadelphia restaurant, Chef Greg Vernick treats broccoli like a steak, roasting it at a high temperature on a preheated pan to achieve a lightly charred crust. Cooked on the same pan, umami-packed tomatoes blend up into a super-quick sauce enriched with just the right amount of butter.

Broccoli and Beer Cheese Cocottes

An update on the classic broccoli-cheese casserole, these individual servings of bubbly lager-spiked Red Leicester cheese sauce over broccoli with crunchy croutons are crowd-pleasers.

Roasted Broccoli with Brown Butter Fish Sauce

Flash-roasted broccoli and onion stand up to the salty one-two punch of capers and fish sauce. Slideshow: More Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli Stems with Lardo & Fresh Coriander Seeds

This part of the vegetable has a reputation for being fibrous and tough—but when cooked the right way, it becomes tender and toothsome. Reprinted from Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong. Copyright 2017 by Grand Central Life & Style. Published by Hachette Book Group ( Slideshow: More Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli-and-Cheddar Soufflé

Chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast in Portland, Oregon, loves adding broccoli to her soufflé for flavor, but the secret to this soufflé’s great color is a little bit of spinach in the mix. Slideshow: Savory Soufflé Recipes

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Grilled Broccoli Rabe with Salsa Rossa

New York City chef Andrew Carmellini blanches and then grills broccoli rabe so it's tender and slightly charred. He serves it with a killer sun-dried tomato and roasted red pepper sauce that gets an appealing kick from pickled hot peppers. Slideshow: More Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli with Preserved Lemon Yogurt

To make broccoli special, chef Laurent Tourondel cuts it into steaks and roasts it in the oven, then serves it with a cool and tangy yogurt sauce.     Slideshow: More Broccoli Recipes

Shrimp and Broccoli in a Spicy Cilantro-Coconut Sauce

Coconut milk is transformed into a savory and spicy green sauce to coat broccoli and shrimp in a delicious sauté. Slideshow: More Broccoli Recipes