Get more out of the delicious radish.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
© Con Poulos

Daikon radishes are a staple in Asian cuisine—the name daikon means "great root" in Japanese—and they should be a go-to in your kitchen as well. From savory crêpes to bright mango curry, here are seven ways to take advantage of daikon.

1. Kale Pad Thai with Daikon Radish

Soft rice noodles are combined with crunchy fresh daikon strips for a vegetable-packed take on the classic dish.

2. Beet-and-Orange-Infused Daikon with Onion Puree

Inspired by the Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-Ki, Pierre Gagnaire's ingenious and surprisingly simple dish looks like a brush dipped in magenta paint.

3. Carrot and Daikon Pickles

It doesn't get any easier than these tasty DIY pickled vegetables.

4. Daikon-Papaya Summer Rolls with Minted Yogurt Sauce

Tangy marinated daikon, cucumber and papaya star in these fantastic hors d'oeuvres.

5. Filipino Salad Crêpes

© Con Poulos

Star chef Paul Qui's savory crêpes are filled with a crisp and refreshing julienned salad of cucumber, carrot, daikon and green mango.

6. Radishes with Sour Cream Dressing and Nigella Seeds

Black nigella seeds add a nutty, peppery flavor to this quick radish dish.

7. Mango Curry

This vibrant curry features crunchy noodles made of thinly julienned daikon radishes, zucchini and bell peppers dressed with a toasted pumpkin seed pesto and curry spice, then finished with sweet mango and herbs.