Daikon Radish

Daikon radishes are a staple in Asian cuisine, often pickled or served in a stir-fry, but you can also eat them raw for a crunchy bite. Sliced daikon is a great way to add unique flavor and texture to noodles, salads and veggie-based side dishes. Though they look like carrots, daikon radishes are white in color and have a spicy, sharp flavor instead of being sweet. Add crunch and tanginess to this inspired coleslaw or this healthy take on pad thai. If you want to expand your vegetable repertoire, look no further than F&W's guide to daikon.

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Kale Pad Thai with Daikon Radish
All of the beloved flavors and textures of pad thai are preserved in this dish, but as a bonus it’s packed with greens and fresh herbs. Soft rice noodles are combined with crunchy fresh daikon strips for an interesting twist. Slideshow:  More Kale Recipes 
Grilled Steak with Cucumber-and-Daikon Salad
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Chef Way David Myers grills with bincho (hard white charcoal) and serves the steak with yuzu kosho, a condiment of yuzu (a citrus), chiles and salt.Easy Way Home cooks can use a grill pan or any kind of outdoor grill for strip steaks. The topping: lemon zest, chile, daikon and cucumber salad. More Amazing Steaks