The Best Artichoke Recipes From Classically Baked to Easy Dips

Classic creamy artichoke dip is delicious, but there's so much more artichokes can do, from artichoke salads to pizza to simple grilled artichokes with a side of herby aioli. Whether you have fresh artichokes in season or canned artichoke hearts, here are some exciting and easy artichoke recipes to try tonight.

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Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip Recipe
Justin Walker

Rich Gouda cheese, tangy scallions, and a hit of cayenne pepper make this take on the classic party dip a crowd-pleaser.

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Roman Fried Artichokes

Roman Fried Artichokes
© Con Poulos

Double-frying is the secret to making these super-crispy fried artichokes from chef Andrew Zimmern.

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Grilled Artichokes with Herby Lemon Aioli

Grilled Artichokes Recipe | FWCooks
Photo by Jennifer Causey / Food styling by Rishon Hanners / Prop styling by Audrey Davis

Steamed until tender before hitting the grill to add some char, these snackable artichokes are finished off with dip in some bright lemony aioli.

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Kale-Artichoke Stuffed Shells

Kale and Artichoke Stuffed Shells
Photo by Greg DuPree / Food Styling by Chelsea Zimmer / Prop Styling by Claire Spollen

Comfort food doesn't get much more comforting than these provolone cheese-topped pasta shells stuffed with kale, artichokes, and cannellini beans. They're baked in a time-saving, store-bought marinara sauce that's amped up with the addition of fennel seeds and Calabrian chiles.

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Roasted Baby Artichokes with Parsley and Mint

Roasted Baby Artichokes with Parsley and Mint Recipe
Eva Kolenko

Just the tender middles of the artichokes are used in this simple preparation that starts by pan-searing them in oil, then finishing them off in the oven with a splash of white wine and a final sprinkle of fresh herbs.

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Rosemary-Roasted Chicken with Artichokes and Potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Artichokes and Potatoes
Photo by Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Chelsea Zimmer / Prop Styling by Christine Keely

Food & Wine Culinary Director at Large Justin Chapple shows how easy and elegant a sheet pan dinner can be by adding tangy artichoke hearts to this simple roasted chicken and potatoes recipe.

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Artichokes with Smoked-Herb Mayonnaise

Artichokes with Smoked-Herb Mayonnaise
© Quentin Bacon

"You can 'turn' the artichokes, but that's a bit fancy and laborious," says Richard Blais about the chef technique of trimming the hearts down. It's much easier to serve the steamed artichokes whole; their nutty flavor is especially delicious with the smoky, herb-flecked mayonnaise.

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Braised Artichoke Hearts Stuffed with Olives and Herbs

Braised Artichoke Hearts Stuffed with Olives and Herbs

To make this elegant dish vegetarian, simply swap vegetable stock for the chicken stock.

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Herb-and-Lemon-Poached Baby Artichokes

Herb-and-Lemon-Poached Baby Artichokes

William Abitbol sources a special variety of small Provençal artichoke known as artichaut poivrade (also called just poivrade) for this simple dish, but regular baby artichokes are just as delicious here. The artichokes are infused with flavor from their aromatic poaching liquid, a mixture of lemon, herbs and olive oil.

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Nonna's Artichokes

Nonna's Artichokes
© Con Poulos

Make artichokes the way grandma used to—or, at least, Giada De Laurentiis' grandma. Braised and seasoned with garlic and anchovies, they're topped with a layer of crunchy Parmesan breadcrumbs before hitting the broiler.

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Artichoke and Fontina Pizzas

Artichoke & Fontina Pizzas

Cookbook author Eugenia Bone marinates frozen artichokes overnight in olive oil with garlic, herbs and lemon juice before scattering them on these pizzas. If you prefer, you can also use marinated artichokes from the deli.

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Artichoke Bread Pudding

Artichoke Bread Pudding

If cooks were asked to name the vegetables they find most intimidating and time-consuming to prepare, artichokes would surely top the list. Marinated artichoke hearts from Umbria in central Italy solve the problem: No trimming, cooking or choke removal is required.

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Artichokes with Scallion Vinaigrette

Artichokes with Scallion Vinaigrette

A generous portion of bay leaves in the steaming liquid permeates the artichoke leaves and hearts with flavor and provides an enticing aroma as you serve the dish. The scallion vinaigrette balances the sweetness of the artichokes.

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Braised Baby Artichokes with Tomato Coulis

Braised Baby Artichokes with Tomato Coulis

This healthy, zippy Provençal classic is known as artichokes barigoule. Served over whole-grain brown rice or buckwheat couscous, it makes a lovely vegan main course.

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Crunchy Vegetable Salad with Sautéed Peas and Radishes

Healthy Recipes from the Fittest Food and Wine World Stars

This salad is a well-rounded meal in itself, supplying a wealth of nutrients, including vitamins A and C. "I grew up in the French countryside," Laurent Gras says, "so vegetable-heavy dishes make me feel like I'm back home."

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Chestnut and Artichoke Roast

Chestnut and Artichoke Roast
© Lucy Schaeffer

Fresh chestnuts are a cold-weather icon. But vacuum-packed and pureed chestnuts are available year round, offering earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

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Marinated Baby Artichokes with Dill and Fresh Ginger

Marinated Baby Artichokes with Dill and Fresh Ginger

Marinated baby artichokes are not a staple of Turkish cuisine in the way that stuffed grape leaves are. But they are a favorite at Karaköy Lokantasi, owned by husband and wife Oral Kurt and Aylin Okutan. The dressing for the artichokes includes a little invigorating fresh-grated ginger, as well as more traditional Turkish flavors, like lemon juice and chopped dill.

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Artichoke Custards with Fava Bean Sauce

Artichoke Custards with Fava Bean Sauce
© Martin Morrell

In an homage to spring, Rolando Beramendi makes these lush custards with fresh artichokes; the flavor is wonderfully vivid.

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Big Heart Artichoke and Parmesan Soup

Big Artichoke Heart and Parmesan Soup

David Myers's simple soup, with its intensely earthy artichoke flavor, makes the most of exemplary Big Heart artichokes. It's also a great way to use leftover Parmesan rind: Myers tosses it into the soup while it simmers, then discards it before pureeing.

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Artichoke Dip with Crispy Shallots


Chef Michael White's version of the classic cheesy, warm dip makes great use of frozen artichokes. They're simmered with garlic and wine, then mixed with cream cheese, Gruyère and Tabasco and baked with a panko bread-crumb topping.

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