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Jamaican Callaloo
This Jamaican Callaloo recipe from Kwame Onwuachi's book, My America, is filled with protein-rich leaves cooked until tender and given spice and fulsome flavor with the addition of peppers and tomatoes.
Charred Cabbage Salad with Pecan Dukkah and Chile-Lime Butter
Nick Cobarruvias draws on his Mexican heritage for his menu at San Francisco's Otra, layering complex flavor combinations into dishes like this crisp-tender cabbage salad. At the restaurant, he seasons the charred cabbage with the chile-lime butter, which is mildly spicy from árbol chiles and bright from lime zest. The pecan dukkah adds earthiness from the cumin and pops of citrus from the coriander, plus a lovely nutty flavor and texture from the toasted pecans and sesame seeds.
What is Broccoli Rabe? (And How Should You Cook It?)
Broccoli rabe — also known as rapini — isn't just part of the broccoli plant, and it's not just baby broccoli. In fact, the leafy, cruciferous vegetable is closely related to the turnip. The deliciously bitter stems, leaves, and nutty, broccoli-esque buds are all edible, easy to cook, and often sautéed, braised, and roasted in Italian dishes. Recipes like Grilled Broccoli Rabe with Salsa Rossa and Sausage, Linguine with Broccoli Rabe-Walnut Pesto and Broccoli Rabe Burgers show the vegetable's versatility. Read on for these and more fantastic recipes for broccoli rabe. (And if you were wondering, it's pronounced "rob.")
Madeira-Braised Swiss Chard with Garam Masala, Sultanas, and Toasted Almonds
Swiss chard cooks down into tender, silky ribbons when braised with fruity Madeira and complex, tangy, earthy garam masala in this recipe. Be sure to have some bread on-hand to use to sop up the flavorful cooking liquid.
Savory Carrot Mochi with Pistachio Dukkah
Spring carrots are celebrated three ways in this recipe from 2021 F&W Best New Chef Gaby Maeda: rolled into chewy mochi dumplings, pickled, and roasted. Using the signature method she came up with at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, Maeda makes bouncy carrot mochi from scratch by combining fresh carrot puree with mochiko, sweet rice flour, then fries them in butter to give them a crispy-chewy texture. Served alongside her pickled carrots, pistachio dukkah, and roasted carrots, the dish is a riot of color, texture, and flavor. You will only need 1 tablespoon of the dukkah for this recipe. Try the rest sprinkled on top of steamed rice or roasted vegetables, or transform a simple green salad by mixing in a few tablespoonfuls of this crunchy, aromatic seasoning.
Red Wine–Roasted Beets with Tahini Yogurt
Tart sumac, piquant peppercorns, and herbal yet lightly sweet green cardamom combine to season these wine-cooked beets, infusing them with fresh flavor that complements the fruity red wine in the recipe without overpowering it. After roasting, the sweet and tender beets are served atop a whipped, creamy turmeric- and tahini- seasoned yogurt spread and finished with chopped pistachios, lots of herbs, and a dusting of more sumac.

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Roasted Carrots
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2021 F&W Best New Chef Gaby Maeda's method for making these flavorful, buttery roasted carrots starts with briefly cooking whole carrots in an ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat and sautéing them in a little olive oil until they are browned in spots. She then tosses them with butter, thyme sprigs, and garlic, and seasons them with salt. The carrots are finally briefly roasted in a hot oven, where the high heat creates caramelized edges that add texture to their outsides, while their interior turns soft and creamy, but not mushy. The entire process takes just 20 minutes, and yields fork-tender carrots with satisfying flavor.
Pickled Carrots
These sliced pickled carrots add a little punch and crunch to any dish you add them to.
Seaweed and Greens Salad

In this hearty side salad that blends sea greens and land greens, fresh salad greens, carrots, radishes, and cucumber get a boost of salinity and texture from three different types of nutritious and delicious seaweeds: kelp, dulse, and Irish moss. The trio of mineral-forward sea vegetables is nicely balanced by rice vinegar dressing. Dulse, a red seaweed that commonly grows in the Northeastern Atlantic and around the UK, and Irish moss, which has a frilly, bushy shape, can be purchased at Sustainably farmed kelp from Maine can be purchased at