Uber Eats Reveals Its Funniest Customer Requests of the Year

To be honest, some of these orders sound delicious.

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If the Uber 2022 Cravings Report proves one thing, it’s that people like what they like. And, man, do people get specific. 

On Thursday, Uber Eats released its annual report, which the company said in a statement provides “a snapshot of the most popular, unusual, and unique delivery requests.” 

It’s those unique delivery requests that we want to get to first, because they are hilarious — and somehow highly relatable. 

"[W]ould you be so kind and put a disturbing amount of butter on my grilled cheese? Like, you’re going to need the Red Cross Emergency Rapid Response team on site and provide me with astronaut diapers — just in case,” one Uber Eats orderer wrote. 

“My wife loves pizza. She refuses to order it, but then she ends up eating mine every time I order it. The problem is that dairy tears her stomach apart. There are times when we debate whether we need to summon an exorcist,” another added, sharing perhaps too much (?) with the restaurant line cooks taking the order. “It’s a struggle each time to act as if we don’t notice, but we persevere because we love her. I’m begging you, please, for the sake of our weekend, please do not add cheese. If you must, please add as little as possible.” 

Others were downright adorable, like this sweet request: “Please make it with love because I love you. And if anyone is good at drawing, can you draw a T. rex with sunglasses on the inside of the box? Or you could draw your favorite dinosaur on it.” 

And there were even a few that proved loyalty runs deep between customers, restaurants, and delivery apps. 

“Hi, it’s me again, your favorite customer who’s super sad when she doesn’t have a side of gravy. I will pay $100 for a side of gravy since I love it so much lol. Please help a sister out,” one user lovingly wrote. 

And finally, we have to mention this request, which we are pretty sure came from Corn Kid

“For me, I really like corn. A big lump with knobs, It has the juice (it has the juice). I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing (Woo).” 

Beyond sharing a few in-app requests to make us laugh, the data also revealed a few telling trends about our collective eating and drinking habits throughout 2022. 

“Sober curious” became a movement in 2022, with many dipping their toe in an alcohol-free lifestyle and looking for zero-proof options of their favorite drinks,” the company shared on its website. “Uber Eats orders for non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits spiked 300% over the past year.”

It also noted that TikTok really does move the needle on food and drinks trends, adding that it saw a massive increase in requests for the ingredients for a Negroni Sbagliato with prosecco (stunning!) following the hype of the viral video. It noted that Campari, in particular, saw a dramatic order bump of 75%.  

And, finally, there’s sad news for ranch enthusiasts. According to the report, “customers’ desire for ranch dressing has dramatically dwindled. While pre-pandemic requests for ‘ranch, ‘extra ranch’ and ‘side of ranch’ topped the charts for most requested special instructions on Uber Eats, these requests now don’t even crack the top 20.” 

But there’s always next year, right, ranch fans? See the full report on Uber.com.

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