Credit: © Airbnb

What relaxes you when you go on vacation? Bubbling streams? Chirping birds? Sharks circling your bed? If it’s the latter, we’ve got great news for you: You can stay at the very first underwater room rental at Paris’ Shark Aquarium. Spending an evening surrounded by aquatic predators comes courtesy of AirBnB, who partnered with the Shark Aquarium to set up the “sleepover.” The room sharing website has sponsored evenings like this in the past—like this overnight at an Australian Ikea. This latest stunt though offers quite a bit more than the opportunity to sleep on a Hemnes after a dinner of meatballs. Free diver Fred Buyle will jump in the water with the aquarium’s 35 sharks and explain why he thinks they are some of nature’s most misunderstood creatures. After you learn a bit about the neighbors you’ll get a meal tankside next to the glass-walled room that will be your home for the evening (and let’s be honest, shark facts are fine, but a submersible glass bedroom is the real hook here).

In order to score an evening with the sharks you need to send a brief (50-550 character) explanation of why you should get the room, which will only be available for three nights on April 11, 12 and 13. Entries are due by April 3 here. Should you win one of the slots AirBnB will fly you to Paris though, so don’t worry about entering if you live stateside.

After the initial nights are raffled off, the glass tank will remain a part of the aquarium that visitors will be able to utilize during regular aquarium hours for shark watching.

If you win, just make sure to clean up after yourself when you leave. No one wants a bad review on their AirBnB profile from a great white.