blue lobster, lobster
Credit: © GARY LEWIS/Getty Images

Now that lobster can be found on the menu even at places like McDonald’s, the idea of the pricey crustacean being a major delicacy might be a bit passé. But even the snobbiest of gourmands would consider a lobster recently caught off the coast of Massachusetts a head-turner, if only because it’s so shockingly bright. This past Monday morning, among his typical haul of orange and red shellfish, lobsterman Wayne Nickerson found an eye-poppingly blue lobster.

According to the Boston Globe, blue lobsters are definitely rare, considered about a one in every 2 million find. Though with around 100 million lobsters per year landing in the US, it’s estimated that as many as 50 or so could be seen in any season. That coupled with the Internet has made getting a glimpse of a blue lobster a bit easier as of late. But Nickerson’s catch, which he named Bleu, is special in its own right. Bleu weighed an impressive two pounds, a tough task being that the lobster’s nearly neon blue shell makes it super easy for predators to spot. Bleu was also Nickerson’s second blue lobster of his fishing career. He caught another one back in 1990. Assuming he hasn’t caught 4 million lobsters in his life, that’s a pretty impressive feat. He also might want to consider spending less time lobster fishing and more time playing the lottery.

So what becomes of a blue lobster? Well, Nickerson’s 1990 blue lobster catch spent its life on display in a tank at a lobster pound. However, Bleu’s fate appears to be undecided. The Globe says only that Nickerson took it “to a safe and secure location.” The bright blue lobster also had to be separated from the other lobsters because, according to Nickerson, lobsters are often aggressive. Maybe they’re just jealous.