By Jordi Lippe-McGraw
Updated April 18, 2016
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This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

An unused subway station in London, where Winston Churchill once sheltered in a secret bunker during the Blitz, is set to open to the public next month, along with several other London Underground sites.

Down Street in Mayfair was a working Tube station from 1907 to 1932, but turned into bombproof hideaway for the Prime Minister during World War II. Now, visitors will be able to wander through the abandoned passageways as part of the London Transport Museum’s Hidden London project.

The "lost tunnels" of Euston station and the subterranean shelter at Clapham South will be on display along with the Down Street station for tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of these concealed treasures for the first time. "Our visitors will have a rare opportunity to see a secret side of London and discover the amazing stories of the people who are connected to these hidden spaces,” said Chris Nix of London Transport Museum.Related: The Sordid Secrets of Hollywood

London Underground's former headquarters at 55 Broadway near St James' Park and The Art Deco building are also available to visit as part of the tour offerings.

Tickets for all the tours go on sale through the London Transport Museum on April 20.