Keith Olbermann has said that his MSNBC show's invariably hilarious Worst Person in the World segment is based in part on an old George Carlin skit (the comedian claimed that rankings mean there has to be a worst doctor in the world). I don’t have the wherewithal, or the temperament, to highlight the Worst Person in the Food World on a regular basis. But I can, periodically, spotlight someone who is having a really great week.

And this week’s winner—obvious to anyone who’s been watching New York City’s best new restaurants—is Mark Pastore, vice president of Pat LaFrieda meats.

LaFrieda meats first got namechecked years ago for the ground beef mix they designed for Shake Shack; now it’s virtually impossible to eat a hamburger in NYC without hearing the name LaFrieda. But this week Mark Pastore himself had his moment. Pastore’s good week might have started when the amazing new Locanda Verde opened with Pastore potatoes front and center on the menu (they accompany the grilled hangar steak). Those potatoes compete with the Markchop, a succulent pork chop that's periodically on the menu at Convivio. But Pastore’s greatest accomplishment of the week was certainly the New York Times three-star review of Minetta Tavern, which dedicated almost as much space talking about LaFrieda’s succulent Black Angus beef as it did the aging room that Pastore helped Keith McNally and his chefs set up.

So congratulations, Mark Pastore! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next week. And if anyone has suggestions for a future Winner of the Food Week, let me know.