This Scenic Wine Tasting in a Croatian Cave Cellar Is Only Accessible by Boat

The intimate cellar, a boat ride from Hvar, is built inside an old limestone cave next to the Adriatic Sea.

Waves and Wine Tour

We're moving into the fall wine harvest season, but rather than visit an old and tired vineyard, Croatia is inviting you to come to experience its unique cave wine instead.

Oenophiles can make their way to Hvar to take part in the Waves and Wine experience via Hvar Wine Tours.

The half-day tour takes guests via boat to the Cliffbase wine cellar, built inside an old limestone cave next to the sea that also provides ultra Instagrammable moments in its doorway, which comes covered in vines with the backdrop of the azure waters as the perfect touch.

But the journey getting there is also half the fun. The trip takes guests along a lesser-known stretch of coastline, passing through the Malo Zaraće, Velo Zaraće, Dubovica, Red Rocks, and Lučišće lagoons, where they are welcome to stop and take a dip in the warm waters of the Adriatic.

Upon arrival at the cave, guests will make their way down the winding stairs and into the underground cellar, which comes softly lit, providing a romantic and intimate tasting experience. Here, guests are encouraged to try local red wines like plavac mali, known for its peppery and smoky flavor profile, which is grown directly above the cave.

Waves and Wine Tour

"Exclusive to this region, the vineyards are unlike any other in the world," Cliffbase explains on its website. "Their location allows for the wine to be produced in such a natural, organic way. There are no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides. Irrigation is not required for production. It truly is a pure, pristine wine."

Cliffbase also suggests guests try the plavac mirko, a limited production wine made with natural fermentation that's aged for three years in Slavonian oak barrels.

The experience includes pick up and drop off via a speedboat (complete with skipper) in Hvar, the stop at Cliffbase, and additional stops if guests are interested, along with a picnic break. There's even an optional lunch stop in a local restaurant. The tour begins at €195 euro (about $351) per person for groups of 5-12 people, up to €420 (about $421) for groups of two. Guests can book directly via the Hvar Wine Tours website. Those interested in visiting without the larger tour can set up a tasting at

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