The second stop on my Greece trip was Santorini. More food recommendations:

* Home base in Santorini was Canaves Suites in Oia. Located a quick walk and a steep set of steps away from the hotel is Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna. With a perfect view of the setting sun and grilled fish served right off the boat, what could be better? Try the fried calamari, sweet and tender rings of squid lightly dusted with flour, and the grilled peppers.

* Petros in Oia, a taverna run by three generations, serves simple Greek classics like saganaki, Santorini fava and souvlaki, all cooked by the mom of the family.

* A day trip to Perivolas beach, one of Santorini's black beaches, is superfun. Sit on the beach across from Sea Side Restaurant. Stay for the day and order lunch and drinks anytime, to be delivered right to your lounge chair. Get the delicious and creative Greek salad garnished with a cheese-and-honey phyllo cigar.

* Take a detour on the way home from the beach and stop for sunset drinks at Franco's Bar, at the top of the town of Pirgos. Located in a 15th-century Venetian castle, it's a bit of a hike to the top (like everything worth seeing in Santorini).

* Franco himself recommended The Dolphins as one of his favorite authentic Santorini restaurants, so we had to try it. You will pass it as you get close to the red beach. Eat fish-and-tomato balls, deeply golden and crispy fritters flavored with tomato, onion and dill.

* 1800 is an upscale restaurant in Oia. I prefer the down-home cooking of the taverna-style restaurant, but for a special occasion, 1800 is a great spot. The building alone, the old mansion of a sea captain built in the 1840s, is worth a peek. The service is wonderful, the food is refined and creative and the wine list is loaded with local choices.

* At the beginning of the pedestrian path in Oia, stop at the first taverna on the right. Order the grilled lamb ribs, which are basically thin-cut lamb rib chops, and any other meaty bone-on parts that are grilled until the fat becomes supercrisp. These pieces are cooked all the way through but are still tender and juicy. A treat if you like to eat with your hands and prefer meat off the bone.