I just returned from an incredible trip to Greece. If you go, here's where you should eat and drink at my first stop, Mykonos:

* We stayed at the Mykonos Grand Hotel, which shares a beach with three tavernas. The one farthest from the hotel has amazing platters of sea urchin. Eat sea urchin, Greek salad and grilled octopus for lunch, washed down with a carafe of house white wine, while looking out over the water.

* Have drinks at Katerina's, a restaurant and bar in Little Venice. It's the ideal spot to watch the sun go down over the sea. Get there early, because there are only six seats on the balcony. After sunset, walk down to Sea Satin restaurant, pick your fresh fish and watch it being grilled before eating it at a seaside table right under the famous Mykonos windmills.

* Rent a scooter or ATV and ride to the peaceful beach at Panormos Bay. Just north of there, you will find a tiny beach called Agios Sostis, which is home to Kiki's, the best place I ate in Mykonos. It has no sign or telephone number and is only open from 1-5 p.m., but it is well worth seeking out. Order anything grilled-octopus, pork chops, feta. Round out the meal with Kiki's homemade salads, like dilly potato or lentil.