Wine baths are so last year guys. The new hot alcohol soak of choice: Beer baths. Yes, warm beer can have a certain…not so fresh odor. And sure, the last time you heard the words “beer” and “soaked” appear in the same sentence it referred to an unfortunate accident in your living room. But in Austria, a brewery claims that taking a pilsner dip is the cure for whatever ails you—assuming that what ails you is that you currently do not smell like a fraternity basement. Jokes aside, Starkenberger, a medieval castle-turned-brewery boasts seven converted fermentation tanks that now serve as beer spas. As Starkenberg’s shockingly serious representative Andrea Stigger says in this new video, “We recommend not having a shower afterward because it can soak in and have a high nourishing factor.” She also says the beer in the tubs is totally drinkable, although a quick search through some images of previous beer spa users will likely discourage much actual beer consumption while you’re bathing. Check out the rest of the video for a more complete tour of the beer pools and, for those curious about taking their own beer bath, the brewery is open daily until 5PM. And good news for younger beer enthusiasts: Children under 10 get in free.