An insider’s guide to the city from 2019 F&W Sommeliers of the Year Femi Oyediran and Miles White.

Charleston's Rainbow Row
Credit: Illustration by Alexandra Bowman

Best friends Femi Oyediran and Miles White own Graft Wine Shop & Wine Bar in uptown Charleston, one of the city's most exciting wine hangouts. (With one of the country's best playlists—seriously, check them out on Spotify.) Femi, who loves biking all over the city and "pulling corks" on friends' porches, came to the city for college and never left. Miles, who was born and raised in Charleston (and is part of a local biscuit dynasty, no less), took a seven-year hiatus from the city before being drawn back by his Southern heart. Both men speak to the city's sense of community, culture, and what they see as the sincerity of its interactions—all the qualities that make them proud to call Charleston home.—Melanie Hansche

Credit: Illustration by Alexandra Bowman

Shop Small, Shop Local

MILES: When it comes to food, I have to wait until payday to hit up my favorite grocers because I have no impulse control. For tasty snacks and cheeses, I always go to Goat Sheep Cow and end up buying a million more things than I need. For gifts, the aesthetic at House of Nomad is super cool. It makes me feel like I have a fraction of an idea what I'm doing when I'm decorating or gift-giving.

FEMI: If you're shopping for gear, I'm pretty sure the entire staff at Graft has one backpack (if not multiple) from J. Stark. The canvas wine totes are especially cool. If you make it to Johns Island, visit Storey Farms—their eggs are so damn good—and the Sea Island Farmers Market.

MILES: Johns Island is one of the most up-and-coming areas of Charleston, with some amazing food!

Breakfast Vibes

FEMI: There's so much good coffee in town; you'll probably catch me in the courtyard at Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer or sitting at The Daily. If I'm cruising by the historic district, it's hard to resist a visit to Second State Coffee.

MILES: I come from a biscuit-baking family, and White Lily runs through my veins. A fried chicken biscuit on Fridays will always get me out of bed at my mom and sister's shop, Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. I just haven't figured out a way to use my blood relation to get ahead of the line.

FEMI: Babas on Cannon routinely makes my life difficult (in a good way!)—the pastries are always supremely tasty. I like to grab a few things from there to toss in my bag and cruise my bike over to White Point Garden by the Battery for a quick bite by the water.

MILES: Well, when I usually sit down for breakfast at Babas on Cannon, it turns into lunch and then late afternoon cocktails!

FEMI: If I'm with friends, I love hanging out with the crew at Daps Breakfast & Imbibe for mimosas and pancakes.

MILES: Yes, you cannot leave out Daps for anyone visiting who wants pancakes; it's so good.

Local Haunt

I am not going to lie; you'll also find me at Bowens Island with a group crushing fried seafood platters, hush puppies, steamed oyster clusters, and a big pile of Frogmore stew. There are few things more magical than drinking ice-cold domestic beer, swatting gnats, and prying open some steamed oysters on an old piece of ply- wood as you watch the sun set over the marsh.—Miles

Take a Walk

FEMI: I love hanging in Hampton Park with friends, reading on the benches, or running around the track. It's such a great space to park the bike and relax for a while.

MILES: Hampton's great, but I'm a sucker for the smaller, quieter parks of Charleston. Stopping for a sit and a cheeky glass of wine in Allan Park, Chapel Street Fountain Park, or Washington Square is so peaceful,and the surrounding neighborhoods are my favorite in the city. You really notice how different the neighborhoods actually are sitting in these parks.

Friends enjoying seafood and french fries
Credit: Illustration by Alexandra Bowman

Drink, Eat, Repeat

MILES: I'm a bit of a trash person who likes frozen drinks, longneck Budweiser, and, by happenstance, expensive wine. When I am out cocktailing, Patrick's piña colada at The Ordinary is one of the best around. I eat there a lot because it's my favorite bar seat, but when I really want to treat myself, I always go to FIG. I think Morgan Calcote has a supercool, curated wine selection, and she's always hiding some incredible gems. That place, to me, is everything about fine dining I absolutely love without any of the unnecessary frill.

FEMI: I love Charleston Grill for that. Andrew Marshall is the wine director, and his attention to detail and service always blows me away. A great wine list is nothing without the support of a great team. Plus, Michelle Weaver's food is topnotch, and there's a live jazz band, which to me is such a lost treasure.

Secret Spot

I'm reluctant to divulge this, but there's a camp on Seabrook Island called St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center, and they have a nature trail that starts inthe forest, wanders all around the marshland, and spits you onto the beach. It's everything that makes the Lowcountry magical in one easy loop. The caveat is, you have to call the camp to get a pass because it's a private island, but it's so worth it. Anytime I do this hike, I stop at Low Tide Brewing to grab a beer on the drive out and some hot chicken at KinFolk.—Miles

Checking In

MILES: When friends are not crashing on my couch, it's hard not to send them to Zero George Street, especially if they're trying to impress someone. It's such a cool hotel, and the vibe is so ripe for Charleston. Shout-out to The Dewberry because it's such an amazing project and revitalization of what was a historic abandoned building. It also easily has the best rooftop bar in town.

FEMI: I usually tell my friends to check out Stay Duvet's short-term rentals. Their service is on point, and they have pretty unique properties on and off the peninsula.