Waterfall Restaurant
Credit: © Global Traveler International

If you’re traveling to the Philippines and prefer a barefoot dining experience, you’ll want to anchor yourself at Villa Escudero resort’s Waterfalls Restaurant.

The outdoor establishment, which sits right smack in the middle of a waterfall and small river, offers authentic local cuisine (seafood, obviously) as guests rinse their feet and cool down in the shallow running water. After eating, you’re also encouraged to dunk your head in the current as a respite from the country’s notoriously hot and humid weather.

Though the waterfall is man-made, it sits among a historical plantation that offers unparalleled access to the Philippines’ natural treasures. Lucky lodgers get to enjoy birdwatching, bamboo rafting and excursions to nearby villages.

Thinking about becoming one with nature? Here's your opportunity to do this quite literally. Just remember to pack a waterproof wallet and tip your lifeguard waitress.