Warda Bouguettaya's Detroit City Guide

Destination knafeh, halal Detroit-style pizza, and exquisite coffee are on this 2022 F&W Best New Chef’s list of Detroit’s best eats.

Warda Bouguettaya
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Breakfast Provisions

"When working in the food industry for almost the whole week, I look forward to having breakfast with my family in the comfort of home on weekends. I grab some great cheese from Mongers' Provisions, and I make some crêpes while Mohamed, my husband, makes his signature shakshuka with khlii, a North African dried meat that's preserved in its fat, and cooked with eggs and a cumin-spiced tomato sauce. It's heavenly!"

Will Drive for Pastries

"It's a bit of a drive outside of Detroit, but any pastry from Lily Sweets in West Bloomfield Township is a Middle Eastern pastry heaven for me. Everything they make is fresh and not too sweet. I love their knafeh and highly recommend the Chaldean kahi. I was introduced to kahi by my friend Danielle Karmo's mom, and now I can't NOT have it in my life! Thank you khaltou Diane!"

Detroit-Style Slices

"If we're talking halal Detroit-style pizza, because I want my Muslim peeps to enjoy the experience as well, then Sicily's Detroit is hands down the best! For non-halal, Michigan & Trumbull Pizza is quite popular."

Best Coffee

"David Valdez at Milwaukee Caffè, a multi-roaster, Italian-inspired coffee bar that has the cutest walk-up window where you can go, order your espresso, with a cup of Detroit's favorite Topo Chico, drink at the window, probably run into a friend of a friend, and get a beautiful start to your day."

Flavor Genius

"Selden Standard never disappoints! Both the seasonal dishes and service are always impeccable. Chef Andy Hollyday is a flavor genius. You feel both taken care of and well fed when visiting Selden Standard."

Dining Alfresco

"Barda added nice patio seating in the urban park where they're located, and it feels like a nice break from the city."

Go-To Spot

"Dearborn Meat Market. Always consistent. Always good."

Marketing 101

"When it's the season, I prefer the Tuesday Eastern Market where it's quiet and less crowded than the yearlong Easter Market on Saturdays. I stop by Beaverland Farm for the best chicken and veggies and Brother Nature Produce for the best greens. Farmington Farmers Market is also one of my favorites and where I source some of the more specialty herbs and vegetables from my favorite Mr. Xiong and his family-run farm Xiong Farm Asian Produce. For my North African/Middle Eastern grocery shopping, Al-Haramain Foods in Hamtramck or Farmington Hills is my go to."


"Supino Pizzeria, Keep Growing Detroit, Good Cakes and Bakes, Sister Pie, and SheWolf are businesses I'd shout out for their community-building efforts."

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