By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 25, 2014
Napa Wineries: Chappellet
Credit: Photo courtesy of Chappellet Vineyard

In the early Sunday morning hours before daylight, the largest earthquake in at least 25 years shook Napa Valley. Napa is probably best known as one of America’s premier wine regions, and the impact of the quake will be widespread. Wineries are already reporting ruptured barrels and devastated storage rooms. It will take a while to tally the economic fallout, but here’s a quick breakdown by the early numbers.

Earthquake magnitude on the Richter Scale: 6.0

Time of the quake: 3:20 a.m., Sunday

Miles from Napa to the epicenter: 9

Years since the last Bay Area earthquake this strong: 25

Number of people exposed to “light-to-moderate” shaking from the quake: 7.7 million

Number of buildings deemed “uninhabitable”: 90 to 100

Estimated potential economic loss: $500 million to $1 billion

Number of Napa wineries: Around 800

Value of the wine industry to Napa Valley: $13 billion

Barrels toppled at the Silver Oak Winery: 3 worth about $100,000 (luckily most of the wine was salvaged)

Estimated amount of wine lost by the B.R. Cohn Winery over in Sonoma: 50 percent

Value of wine lost at the Cult 24 wine bar: $50,000

Number of annual visitors to Napa Valley: 3 million

Amount tourism generates for the Napa Valley annually: $1.4 billion

Number of cases of wine produced in Napa in 2012: 49.7 million

Typical number of cases per barrel: 25

Barrels destroyed in the quake: Too soon to tell

Number of people hospitalized: At least 172

Number of reported fatalities: 0 (thankfully)

Number of glasses of wine needed to take the edge off: Lots