Flight delayed? Just looking to pregame? These American airports (some of the busiest on Thanksgiving Day, typically) have you covered.  
thanksgiving dinner at the airport
Credit: Courtesy of HMSHost

For whatever reason, you almost got home, but then, last minute, something went wrong. It's Thanksgiving Day, and you're sitting at the airport. What to do? Well, that's easy—at airports across America, flight crew, baggage handlers, pilots, ticketing agents and, yes, stranded travelers, will be sitting down to turkey dinner. Or, at the very least, a seasonally-themed sandwich. Turns out, plenty of airport restaurants will either be serving up the classic plateful, or some variation on the theme. So—as good as Mom's? Look, you already know the answer to that. Still, if you can't make it to the family do, we've rounded up a selection of tarmac-adjacent Thanksgiving meals that might just do the trick.

Atlanta (ATL)
The full-service Atlanta ChopHouse, located in the airport's dining atrium, will serve a special Thanksgiving Day menu with your choice of either deep fried Cajun turkey breast, or an oven-roasted apple glazed pork loin. Both plates come with dinner roll and a choice of two sides—potatoes au gratin, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and apple fennel slaw.

Charlotte (CTL)
Two popular stops at the airport hub will be serving up proper meals—the ever-popular Brookwood Farms BBQ will have smoked turkey with sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, greens, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and pecan pie. Over at the 1897 Market, they're roasting their turkey, serving it up with potato hash, squash, gravy and cranberry sauce.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP)
It's not quite as good as home, but Ike's in Terminal 1 is known all over the airport for their homey Thanksgiving dinners—they'll do a nice plate of sage-roasted turkey stuffed with sage stuffing, a pile of Yukon gold mash, plenty of gravy and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Los Angeles (LAX)
The offerings at this airport (one of the busiest on Thanksgiving Day, typically) are very California casual, but four restaurants are offering their own take on the ever popular, day-after turkey sandwich. At the International terminal, the larder at tavern will do The Pilgrim, filled with roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry; in Terminal 4, Food & Bounty offers the PAVO—again, fresh-roasted turkey, stuffing and cranberry—while two burger joints, both at the International Terminal, will add turkey to the menu. Umami Burger has the Greenbird Burger—sprouts, avocado, lettuce and green cheese on top of a turkey patty—while 8oz Burger Bar will have the Big Bird: a Shelton Farms ground turkey burger, avocado, roasted tomato, Swiss cheese and sprouts.