Chef Donald Link, the man behind Herbsaint and Cochon, has brought spirited Cajun cooking to New Orleans. F&W simplifies his signature dishes.

By Food & Wine
Updated June 20, 2017

More Delicious New Orleans-Inspired Recipes:

Iceberg Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

Quentin Bacon

Chef Way Donald Link makes his own mayonnaise for the delightfully creamy blue cheese dressing.

Easy Way Use prepared mayo in this easy-to-eat version of the classic iceberg wedge salad.

Andouille–and–Sweet Potato Pie with Tangy Apple Salad

Chef Way This creamy sweet potato filling is actually fairly simple, but Link opts to prepare the crust by hand; he also tosses the salad with mustard greens, which can be tricky to find.

Easy Way Make the crust in a food processor and substitute watercress for the mustard greens in the salad.

Spicy and Sticky Baby Back Ribs

Chef Way To create the flavorings for these ribs, Link combines eight spices for a rub and prepares a barbecue sauce with homemade pork stock.

Easy Way Cut back the number of spices in the rub to the five essentials, and use canned beef broth in the barbecue sauce.
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