Hotel Omm's grooy bar and restaurantWhen U2 kicked off their insane 360° Tour in Barcelona a week or two ago every single person in the city was focused on the band. Here's what the scene was like at some of the city's top hotels.

Hotel Arts Barcelona The 44-story (the tallest building in Spain!) beachside hotel was headquarters for U2 and their vast, laid-back entourage. For some 48 hours almost everyone in the lobby had an Irish accent (except for LL Cool J) and VIP badges around their necks. The band themselves set up shop on the upper club floors and anyone who spent any time in the 33rd floor private lounge saw key people in meetings and lots of Champagne on ice. Poolside, there was a party after opening night with mojitos and a cake shaped like their four-legged spaceship stage.

Hotel Omm The supercool boutique hotel has one of the best restaurants in the city, Moo. So it wasn't surprising that Bono and a bandmate or two ate there late night with their families. The hotel was calm about the res; celebrities like Barcelona soccer stars Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o are all over the restaurant and bar.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Since MOBCN doesn’t actually open until the end of the year, U2 didn't spend any time there. Still the property will be amazing–not just because it’s on the Passeig de Garcia, prime shopping territory, but because they're looking to snag the amazing Carme Ruscalleda as their chef (if you don't know her, Ruscalleda has five Michelin stars–more than any other female cook in the world).