We are all very lucky. 
Truth BBQ
Credit: Robert Jacob Lerma

One of the most tragic parts of not living in Texas is the scarcity of quality barbecue brisket joints. Truth BBQ, a meat institution in Brenham, Texas, that's routinely recognized as one of the best in the state, has long attracted crowds for pitmaster Leonard Botello IV's brisket, and now, for the first time ever, it's shippable nationwide via the restaurant's website—and your meats will arrive before Christmas, if you order soon.

People who live outside of Barbecue Country can officially order Truth BBQ's signature brisket for the holidays, as a gift or a centerpiece for their family feast, and smoked turkeys are for sale, too. Truth sources its brisket meat from the local ranchers at 44 Farms, and Botello trims, seasons, and smokes the meat for 18 hours before serving it.

The prices are steep, but then again, would you expect anything else of 6 lb. smoked briskets shipped hundreds of miles? A five to six pound smoked brisket costs $230 (includes tallow, dry ice, and shipping), and a pit-smoked turkey is $175.

While it may seem like sacrilege to buy your way out of making the holiday feast centerpiece, there are chefs who suggest outsourcing your main protein rather than laboring all day in the kitchen.

"Don’t hate me, but I think preparing the turkey yourself is the biggest waste of time," chef Michael Brannock told us in November. "Cooking a turkey involves several methods that a lot of home cooks may only practice once or twice a year. It’s not only time consuming, but stressful, and the holidays should be quality time with family and friends...Find a local BBQ spot who smokes turkeys or a restaurant offering fried or roasted varieties. They are all experts in smoking, frying and roasting, so let them take that load off your shoulders."

Sounds like solid advice to us!

Truth BBQ, 2990 US 290, Brenham, TX. 979-830-0392.