Last week, I blogged about how New York Times op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman wants us all to stop dining out at restaurants and to instead stay home and eat tuna fish to save money. Well, I consider that a restaurant version of what legendary economist John Maynard Keynes called the "paradox of thrift." If each person stops eating out, sure he or she will cut down a little on spending, but will also hurt the restaurant business, which will just slow the economy further. So to help us all get through a recession, I propose a mix of cooking thriftily and dining out at restaurants that offer great value. Here, F&W's resources for the best spots for eating out on the cheap:

*Our annual Go List guide to the best restaurants in 40 cities around the world can easily be sorted by best value—just click on the "$" icon. We also narrowed the Go List down further to the 10 Best Value Restaurants.

*Our Big City Value Eats names the top spots to eat well—and on the cheap—in notoriously expensive cities like London, Paris and New York.

*Our World's Best Meal Deals has insidery cheap eats tips from top chefs like Fergus Henderson of England's St. John and Nobu Matsuhisa of the Nobu empire.