By Cailey Rizzo
Updated August 02, 2016
Credit: © Getty Images

This piece originally appeared on Travel+Leisure.

When traveling the world, few tasks are less appealing than doing laundry.

A clothing line currently on Indiegogo thinks it has an answer, though: Unbound Apparel promises its clothes will stay fresh for up to two weeks without a wash.

Current options include a t-shirt, briefs and socks, though all appear to be for men. (Ladies would like the option to avoid washing, too, Unbound.)

The apparel line promises to cut down on the amount of luggage necessary for long-term travel. It’s also (more?) great for couch potatoes who hate doing laundry.

The merino wool clothing is odor-resistant and antibacterial, and works by wicking away moisture, according to the company. The prototype shirt that Unbound Apparel tested was worn for 46 days in a row and didn't reek.

During that time, the shirt was worn to the gym, the sauna and through humidity in Southeastern Asia. So, yeah, it should be fine on that upcoming hiking trip.

However, the company notes that just because the clothing doesn't stink, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Even today's best shirts won't keep you from having to take a shower.

The campaign has already raised over three times its initial goal, with prices starting at $50 for a t-shirt. Unbound ships in September.