The scenic resort is setting a new standard for luxury in Brazil’s business capital.

By Max Bonem
Updated July 07, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

São Paulo, Brazil is one of the world’s most sprawling urban centers, with several collections of skyscrapers that dot the megalopolis, giving it the appearance of multiple cities that simply grew into each other. While São Paulo does have a large central park in Parque Ibirapuera, green space is very hard to come by in this city of 22 million people. However, located in the south zone of the city is Burle Marx Park, 27 acres of Brazilian rainforest dropped into the super city amongst office buildings and condominiums. Adjoined to the park as well, however, is the city’s newest urban oasis, the recently opened Palácio Tangará hotel.

Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

The five-star Palácio Tangará, which just opened this past May, takes its name from the paradise Tangara Chilensis, a brilliantly multi-colored Amazonian songbird, and features 141 spacious guest rooms—including 59 suites—all with beautiful views overlooking the scenic park. The hotel also offers nine private meeting rooms, a ballroom for up to 530, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spa, a kid’s club and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

What you notice throughout the hotel’s many rooms and suites and both in the lounge and on the terrace, however, is the bounty of natural light and proximity to the lush park. Due to the vast number of large windows found throughout the hotel, every inch of Palácio Tangará is constantly flooded with sun light, forging an even stronger connection and thinner divide between guests and the natural environment outside. With the neighboring presence of Burle Max Parke, guests feel completely transported out of São Paulo by the views of the beautiful plants and trees and the sounds of exotic bird species just a hundred meters or so away. In a city where both congestion and calamity are both far too commonly experienced, Palácio Tangará provides an escape to relax, unwind and reset before another day of business or before a night out in Brazil's nightlife capital.

Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

Along with the luxurious amenities, the hotel is also home to Tangará Jean-Georges, the famed New York chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s first South American restaurant. While Vongerichten is known the world over for his unique take on Asian-influenced French cuisine, the prolific chef has incorproated a number of prominent Brazilian ingredients, including heart of palm and passion fruit, into the menus of both the restaurant and the hotel’s dining services as a whole. “The Brazilian heritage, culture and cheerful lifestyle, the huge variety of local produce combined with the spectacular hotel architecture and design in Burle Marx Park make this project very special,” says Vongerichten.

Palácio Tangará
Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

Along with Tangará Jean-Georges, the hotel's dining services also include a chef’s table, cocktail bar, wine cellar, lounge & terrace, room service and banquet facilities, all of which are run by executive chef Pascal Valero and chef de cuisine Felipe Rodrigues, under the guidance of Vongerichten himself,

Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

Palácio Tangará is the newest offering from the renowned Oetker Collection, which has eight additional hotels located around the world, from the French Alps to London to St. Barths. Long known through much of the world for their unique one-of-a-kind hotels, Palácio Tangará is the Oetker Collection's first location in the Americas and the hotel is quickly gaining the attention of internationals and local alike, as is evident from the number of guests enjoying themselves in the lounge, on the terrace or at Tangará Jean-Georges on a nightly basis.

Credit: Courtesy of Palácio Tangará

While Palácio Tangará is certainly the newest addition to São Paulo’s ever growing selection of luxury hotels, the impeccable manner by which the staff presents itself could lead one to believe that the hotel is already a fixture of the city, rather than a relative newcomer. Besides the beautiful amenities and touches of both modern and classic hotel luxury, though, Palácio Tangará offers guests two things that simply no other hotel in the city can: a terrace view of nothing but nature and a bit of peace and quiet, both of which ever traveler yearns for, but always finds in small supply. Luckily, both of these are widely available at Palácio Tangará.