Here, travel and food writer Bonjwing Lee’s essential Taipei restaurants and markets.

By Bonjwing Lee
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Bonjwing Lee

1. Mume

Credit: © MUME

This sleek but casual restaurant (one of the first of its kind in Taipei) has three chefs­—a Chinese-American, Hong Kong–Canadian and Australian—who have created modern, ingredient-focused food that reflects their training at places like Per Se in New York City and Quay in Sydney. No. 28, Siwei Rd., Da'an District.

2. Lao Dian Tou Tainan

Yi Mian Just around the corner from the main entrance of the Tonghua Night Market is this tiny restaurant featuring the food of Tainan, a southern Taiwanese city. Get the rice or noodles topped with pork ragù and the silky slices of pork liver. No. 65, Tonghua St., Da'an District.

3. Smoothie House

Credit: Courtesy of Smoothie House

There's no better end to a hot, steamy day in Taipei than a mound of creamy shaved mango ice topped with juicy slices of ripe mango. Multiple locations;

4. Raohe St. Night Market

Credit: © Bonjwing Lee

Just inside the market's main gate, near the Ciyou Temple, is a food stall called, simply, Hu Jiao Bing—black pepper buns. Watch them fire the buns in giant kilns while you wait in line. Songshan Metro Station.

5. Shilin Night Market

The largest night market in Taipei. You'll find one of everything, including giant wheels of fried chicken at
the Hot-Star stand. Jiantan Metro Station.