By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 06, 2016
Credit: © Lynne Gilbert / Getty Images

From the beaches of Cancun to the booze of Bourbon Street to the casinos of the Las Vegas, North America has plenty of places where the wild at heart can fulfill their hedonistic fantasies. Now, you can add Chatham-Kent, Ontario in Canada to that list – the only place on the continent where you can sleepover in a Taco Bell. As Beck once said, “Get crazy with the cheese whiz.”

Taco Bell has teamed up with Airbnb to turn a Canadian location of the Mexican chain into a special overnight “rental.” Sadly, I put “rental” in parenthesis because, as Airbnb has done in the past, this one-night-only opportunity is open to the general public exclusively as a contest. So the bad news is you can’t actually pay to rent out a Taco Bell like a hotel. On the bright side, if you win the contest, staying the night at the Taco Bell is totally free. It’s fine… I’m sure the millions of dollars Aribnb could command to let people use Taco Bells as their own personal resorts is more than average Joes like us could ever afford.

The unique promotion, called Taco Bell Canada’s SteakCation (nice world play), is meant to promote the launch of the new Steak Doubledilla. (No, I didn’t know what a Doubledilla was before writing this, but if the steak Doubledilla is anything like the chicken, it’s basically a quesadilla made with extra branding) The contest winner, along with three guests, will get to stay at the one bedroom, two bathroom Taco Bell on the night of Monday, October 17. “Our Taco Bell location in Chatham, Ontario will be outfitted with two sets of bunk beds, some comfy chairs, and a big screen TV,” the listing states. “We’ll also have video games, movies, and lots of other stuff to keep you entertained. Plus, our Taco Bell Butler will be there to make sure you’ve got everything you need.” Is it just me or are you already getting a bit of a creepy vibe from this Taco Bell Butler before you’ve even met him.

Of course, the winners will also be able to eat “plenty of Steak Doubledillas.” As far as whether they can run amok in the kitchen creating ridiculous Taco Bell mashups like they’re some sort of company Vice President isn’t mentioned. Though the rules do blandly state that the prize includes “a private dinner and snacks for four.” That better mean Meximelts!

The rules also state that you have to be Canadian to enter. But don’t worry; you don’t need Taco Bell to throw a SteakCation. All you need is a good butcher.