Credit: © Twenty20

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

After a long day of kickin’ it in the great outdoors, everyone’s ready for grub. But if you’re bumming about how long it takes to get a charcoal grill hot, try this trick for speeding things along.

What you need: A grill (or campfire pit), charcoal briquettes and an empty cardboard egg carton.

What you do: Fill the carton with charcoal, place it in the grill (or campfire pit) and ignite. By the time the cardboard is completely burned away, the charcoal should be sufficiently lit. (Note: Be sure to use cardboard, NOT Styrofoam egg cartons.)

Why it works: The cardboard essentially functions as kindling, instantly catching and holding the heat while the charcoal catches up.

Now you’re one step closer to grill master status.