By Aly Walansky
Updated May 19, 2016
Credit: © La Pitchoune

Anyone who grew up religiously watching Julia Child cook on PBS (raises hand!) wanted nothing more than for Julia to invite them over for the weekend, to chat over French pastries. Julia may now be gone, but at least part of that opportunity still remains. And it may be the best bargain ever.

A few months ago, we were excited to learn that vacationing at Julia Child’s Provence cottage was soon to be a reality. The cottage is now listed on Airbnb for $610 a night – a rather reasonable rate considering you are getting not a room but an entire 3-bedroom home in Provence.

We were thinking there’s nothing better than vacationing in Julia Child’s cottage and the opportunity to cook our dinner in her kitchen, but then better happened: Airbnb is now running a contest to give away a free one night stay at the house. To do so, you have to submit an entry answering the question "How would you make the most of your time living like a chef in Provence?" The hardest part: You have to limit your response to less than 500 characters. Not words, characters. So all you prolific tweeters should have a leg up. The winner will also score a guided shopping trip to a local farmers market.

We are up for the challenge. And if we don’t win, there’s always the Airbnb route: Either way, Julia Child’s home kitchen is finally within our grasp.