There I was in Atlanta last weekend when I got the news. Atlanta Cuisine had just reported that Peter Chang was back in town, cooking at Tasty China in Marietta, Georgia. (I’d just been reading about Chang in the New Yorker where Calvin Trillin chronicled the nomadic chef and the mania his remarkable Szechuan cooking engenders. Trillin went on to name check dishes like Tu Chia style roast pork meat bread and roast fish with green onion; I got addicted without even trying them.) I became Chang's latest stalker and called Tasty China (repeatedly) where they told me he was “on vacation.” So I skipped it. Now, thanks to some intrepid reporting on ATL’s Creative Loafing blog Omnivore, I understand that what they were really saying is that he was on vacation at Tasty China. But there’s even later-breaking Chang news on Omnivore. On April 1st, a press release went out–in Chinese!–reporting that the disappearing chef would open a private supper club in the outskirts of Atlanta. There’s a constantly changing, undisclosed location and secret passwords, plus Chang won’t actually be cooking. The place’s name – Changri-la. An April Fool’s Day joke? I’m not even sure anymore.