In the last days leading up to yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, you could gauge the fortunes of the candidates by the quality of their food. A few friends and I had a blast this past weekend racing around the state, letting out our inner political wonks as we soaked up the campaign atmosphere (my proposal for the next wave in tourism? Political-junkie travel). Much as I was enraptured by the orations of Obama and impressed by the organization of the Clinton campaigners, I was disappointed by their lack of pancakes.

At their rallies, the candidates with the most support gave us nothing to eat. John Edwards’s staffers handed out delicious, buttery shortbread cookies they called “Seabiscuits,” in honor of the horse no one expected to win. And Mike Huckabee, with Chuck Norris at his side, provided creamy clam chowder for several hundred of us. Norris even invited us all to a “virtual barbecue,” an odd-sounding web-based tour of his ranch and 2,000-square-foot workout facility, on January 20. Obama, Clinton, McCain—they only promised tax reform, job creation and better access to health insurance. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer crisp, golden flapjacks with extra maple syrup.