I made a shockingly simple discovery a few days ago—in Liechtenstein’s capital city of Vaduz, of all places. My friend Peter and I had been making our way through the city's nightlife, first at the swank Zwei Apéro Bar—where the under-25 Liech-set posed in a setting that seemed more fitting for New York City’s Meatpacking District than a tiny, landlocked European principality—then at Nexus, a more laid-back bar-café next door that had an eccentric drinks menu with bottles I had never heard of, like Averna, a Sicilian amaro. But it was the 18-deep “soft drinks” list that charmed me most. I almost never order soda at a restaurant or bar, since I find most too cloyingly sweet. But I was curious to try the bitter lemon soda, expecting some obscure brand. What I got instead: Schweppes. Did I love it? With just the right sweet-tart-bitter balance—absolutely. Unfortunately, it’s not too widely available in the U.S., but thanks to some Schweppes Bitter Lemon-loving Chowhounders, here’s some info on where to find it stateside.