Every year, chef Shaun McCrain and general manager Jill Kinney close up Copine in Seattle and head over to Paris. Here’s where they eat, drink and wander.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated November 08, 2017
David Toutain
Credit: Courtesy of Shaun McCrain

To say chef Shaun McCrain and general manager Jill Kinney are obsessed with Paris is a bit of an understatement.

They named their Labrador Abbesses after at metro stop in Montmartre, and they always close their restaurant, Copine in Seattle, to make a trip back to McCrain’s old stomping grounds.

“From Sacré-Cœur to the Jardin des Tuileries, where Shaun used to take a quick nap in between services at Taillevent, we walked every inch of the city on our first trip together,” says Kinney.

Credit: Courtesy of Shaun McCrain

Here the two share of their haunts this past trip to Paris:

Gilles Vérot

“A visit to this charcuterie shop in the 6th arrondissement is a requirement. He makes absolutely stunning terrines and petites saucissons flavored with Roquefort, truffles, fennel or pimenton. We always get an assortment and eat them straight from the bag on the metro.”

David Toutain
Credit: Courtesy of Shaun McCrain


“The focus of our time in Paris is dining, and we always try to go to lunch at this storied restaurant in the 8th arrondissement. Chef Alain Solivérès is incredibly talented and still is a mentor after I worked here in the past.”

Shaun McCrain
Credit: Courtesy of Shaun McCrain

Galerie W

“If we get an early start to the day, we head to this contemporary art gallery in the 3rd arrondissement. Founder Eric Landau is an old friend, and I used to cook dinners he hosted onsite. It’s really an amazing space with beautifully curated art.”

Le Chateaubriand

“We tried find an old hang-out of mine, La Famille, only to find that it was no longer there. But this led us to discovering Le Chateaubriand. This restaurant in the 11th arrondissement was truly excellent—and worth the long wait time. Chefs like Iñaki Aizpitarte is making food that is truly inspiring.”

David Toutain
Credit: Courtesy of Shaun McCrain

Frenchie and Frenchie-to-Go

“Chef Gregory Marchand is a genius. We enjoy the clean flavors and cozy environments he creates at his restaurants and take-out space in the 2nd arrondissement. We always try to hit up either of them when we’re in Paris.”