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The specialties menu at Carmens in Santiago.Carmen’s
When I was in Santiago earlier this week, I got to hang out with Liz Caskey, who leads fantastic wine and culinary tours of Chile (and Argentina and Uruguay). So all credit to her for taking me to Carmen’s, a little no-sign lunch counter in a sea of lunch counters in the Vega Chica Market. And for telling me about its corn pudding, which looks like golden mac and cheese in a little aluminum container but is really kernels of very sweet corn piled over chicken, hard-boiled eggs and shredded meat and then baked. I think it cost $2. On an episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain raved about Carmen’s, too. It was, he said, “Typical of the best of this place. People know to come here because… they know. Because they’ve been coming here for years. Because it’s Carmen’s.” And then he went on to rave about the hoofs-of-beef soup