© Joshua David Stein
The A Team at Santiago's Fuente AlemanaI’m just back from Santiago, Chile, where I did an embarrassingly minimal amount of eating around. So here, with more coming over the next few days, are my highlights from the handful of places I went over a 48-hour period. (That included Mother’s Day Sunday, which a local told us translated as “the Most Boring Day.” I think he was kidding.)

Fuente Alemana
Santiago’s epic sandwich shop has a fantastic old-school environment (the waitresses/cooks dress like old-world maids). Yes, everyone loves the lomito (sliced pork loin in gravy that you can get with sauerkraut, tomatoes and more mayonnaise than you would dare to dream about). But my favorite item off the short menu was the rumano, a fantastic, garlicky beef-pork burger with crushed avocado topping, plus a crazy amount of mayonnaise. At lunchtime the place is packed with businessmen; you can call it Santiago's answer to Shake Shack but I prefer to think of it as their DB Bistro Moderne. I just wish they had a branch in the States; that way we could have included it in our lunch roundup in the May issue of F&W.
Ave. Pedro de Valdivia, 210; 011-56-2-233-4705.

More of my picks to come, including one that involves Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and cow’s hoofs.