© Amy Hou
The Breslin's not officially open yet—but they're doing Ace Hotel room serviceWhile we impatiently wait for the Breslin in NYC to officially open—word is, October 28 for breakfast, lunch and, hopefully, dinner (I need a place to go that night)—the Ace Hotel’s room service seems to be in full swing. The all-day menu includes roasted-chicken sandwich with sage stuffing, the Breslin aged-cheddar-and-bacon burger and the thrice-cooked chips I got addicted to at the restaurant’s FergusStock opening. But wait, there are room-service specials, too! Breslin chefs April Bloomfield and Peter Cho are cleverly offering nightly changing dishes: on Tuesday, rabbit pie, welsh rarebit and smoked-haddock tart; on Wednesday, roasted bone marrow with parsley salad—an ode to FergusStock chef Fergus Henderson, who presumably would be ordering the dish in his room at the Ace if he hadn't just gone back to England.