During his three-night run at Chefs Club in New York, Odette chef Julien Royer shared some of his favorite casual spots in Singapore.
Credit: Photo by Wyatt Conlon

Singapore is one of the most diverse food cities in the world. Chef Julien Royer of Singapore’s Odette is cooking at Chefs Club in New York for three nights this week and he shared his tips for where he likes to eat out in his adopted hometown on his days off from the restaurant.

“Singapore has become a huge dining destination and it’s really the crossroads of Southeast Asia. When it comes to different cuisines, you can eat everything from a $5 to a $5,000 meal. It’s very diverse and the food is absolutely incredible.”

Credit: Courtesy of Odette


One of chef Royer’s favorite ways to eat on his day off is to enjoy a good steak and fresh seafood, courtesy of this American-owned restaurant. “My favorite place is Luke’s, which is run by a guy from Boston,” he says. “They have really good quality oysters and seafood that are shipped in from Boston Bay three times a week. They also have really good steak and it’s delicious every time. All of these things, with a nice glass of wine, and I am happy.”

Brasserie Gavroche

For a taste of home, chef Royer visits his friend chef Frédéric Colin’s restaurant in Chinatown. “My favorite French bistro in Singapore is Brasserie Gavroche,” he explains. “When I eat there, I feel like I’m back at home and that makes me very happy. It’s a place that when you approach it, you are in Chinatown in Singapore, but then when you enter, you feel like you are in Paris. The food is very simple, but it’s spot on in terms of style, generosity and seasoning.”


When chef Royer is not in his kitchen he likes to visit restaurants that are laid back and casual and Amò on Hong Kong St. is his new go-to for high quality pizza. “Amò just opened and it specializes in Neapolitan pizza,” he says. “The owner, Beppe De Vito, sent two of his chefs to train in Napoli for one year and now that they have returned, they are making really good pizza, it’s quite amazing.”

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