The Mid-Atlantic convenience store chain has more than 100 stores in Florida now, and it feels as if at least half of them are pretty close to Disney World.

wawa at walt disney world
Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

The obligatory pilgrimage to Walt Disney World has become so much easier to manage in recent years—from the easy availability of Lyft and Uber for quick trips around the resort, to significant upgrades on the casual/grab-and-go dining front, to that nearby Whole Foods that gives you easy access to an abundance of healthy snacks, hanging out at the House of Mouse is now, in many respects, no different than your regular life back home.

Of course, if you're visiting Orlando from Philadelphia, or from many other parts of the great Mid-Atlantic region, we're leaving out the best part—over the last few years, America's greatest convenience store chain, Wawa, has opened up multiple locations near the theme parks, to the point where the entire Disney World resort is pretty much surrounded.

Want a Sizzli (that's Wawa-ese for breakfast sandwich) before you head into the Animal Kingdom for the day? No problem—there's a Wawa just five minutes away from the entrance gates. Thinking of grabbing a sandwich at the end of a long day, but don't want to deal with the crowds at Disney Springs? That's cool—there's another Wawa, just about ten minutes from the front of Epcot, and about the same distance from Hollywood Studios. Those staying off property will find themselves even closer to a lot more Wawa locations—there are now dozens in the Orlando area, allowing visitors free and easy access to the tasty and affordable meals—all ordered via touch screen, all fully customizable—that the chain is known for.

The growing presence of Wawa in this far-from-home market might seem surprising at first, but Floridians are quickly becoming just as attached to the brand as any native of Southeastern Pennsylvania, with the privately-held company (which owns and operates all its stores) seeking nothing short of market saturation, down here. How serious are they? Consider the fact that there are now more than 100 stores in the Sunshine State, with hundreds more in the planning. That's pretty serious.

So, while you still have to drive off Disney World property (if only for a couple of minutes) to grab a cheesesteak, that Cuban Roast coffee, or your favorite Tastykake-brand snack, who knows what's in store—those on-resort Speedway gas station locations used to be something else; no reason they can't change again. Dream the dream.