By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 06, 2014
© VikingIllustrations / Alamy

Because Americans want to divide everything along party lines now, Experian Marketing conducted an in-depth survey to discover the politics of restaurant-goers around the country. The Wall Street Journal reports that we can finally have a clue as to whether that woman eating a potpie next to us at Marie Callender’s is a Democrat or a Republican. (Hint: She’s probably a Democrat.)

Experian assigned number values to restaurants, with 100 representing neutral territory. That means that a restaurant that scores 120 on the liberal index boasts 20 percent more liberals at its tables than average. The numbers aren’t all that surprising. California Pizza Kitchen brings in the most liberals, with a score of 146 on the lefty index. O’Charley’s—a chain located throughout the South and Midwest—and Cracker Barrel have the most conservative clientele, scoring 121 and 118, respectively, on the righty index.

The survey also measured supermarkets, with Whole Foods scoring a whopping 186 on the liberal side. Apparently not a lot of Republicans are interested in organics. Must be the fiscal responsibility.

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