Cheer on the Rams with specials from Moo’s Craft Barbecue, Majordomo, Blinkie’s Donuts, and more local treats. 

Moo’s Craft Barbecue
Credit: John Troxell

Let Tom Brady worry about his stupid diet. (We can say that because we've tried it.) Let New England Patriots fans guzzle clam chowder as they contend with the wind-chill factor around Boston. In sunny Los Angeles, fans of the Rams—a team that understands its city so well that it once had a food truck give away tacos and donuts—are going to use Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to eat some of the country’s best food while sitting at home in front of the TV. In fact, some of L.A.’s hardest-to-get food will be easily available to take home that day.

Here’s a guide to making your L.A. Super Bowl party as delicious as possible:

The main event: meat, meat, meat, meat, and, OK, pizza

Looking for L.A.’s greatest smoked meat? Andrew and Michelle Muñoz's Moo’s Craft Barbecue is a contender with its supple, superb Texas-style brisket. Moo’s, which started in an East L.A. backyard and is now a huge draw at downtown’s Smorgasburg food market on Sundays, is selling whole six-to-seven-pound briskets for the big game. Pre-order one of the $150 briskets and you can pick it up at Smorgasburg on Super Bowl Sunday without enduring what could otherwise be an hour-long wait for Moo’s meat.

The Muñozes, who have previously seen two-hour-plus lines for their brisket, short ribs, sausages, and excellent sides like esquites and potato salad, recently increased their staff to deal with the popularity of Moo’s. There are now seven people, including two cutting meat and two taking payment, in the Moo’s booth. When Andrew is not busy finishing sausages in the smoker, he will take a turn slicing meat to give his crew a break. Like at many of the country’s top barbecue spots, waiting and watching all the action is part of the Moo’s experience. But being able to skip the line and pick up brisket for the Super Bowl will be a luxury.

Meanwhile, David Chang’s Majordomo recently had its first birthday and is still one of the hardest reservations in town, but you don’t need a table there to eat smoked bo ssam on Super Bowl Sunday. Majordomo’s $250 to-go package for the Super Bowl includes a whole pork shoulder with rice, lettuces, assorted sauces, and kimchi. Plus, this eight-to-10-person feast, which you can pre-order here, also comes with Sichuan popcorn chicken, dashi potato chips (with French onion dip), sesame slaw, and bing rolls.

For some food that’s not usually in L.A., Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s Animal and Danny Bowien’s Mission Chinese Food are teaming up for Super Bowl Sunday with a to-go menu that includes $60 trays of Chongqing chicken wings or kung pao pastrami. E-mail to pre-order.

Another meaty game-day option is Belcampo, which has Super Bowl specials for delivery or pick-up that include a quart of beef chili ($22), two pounds of pulled pork ($12.99), and two pounds of chicken wings ($12.99).

Zach Pollack’s Cosa Buona will have a $99 to-go deal with four pizzas, a bucket of wings, and a six-pack of Olympia beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sweet treats

Teresa Ngo’s Blinkie’s Donuts, a Woodland Hills institution that’s a standout in L.A.’s big community of immigrant-owned donut shops, has been visited by many NFL players like Rams star receiver Brandin Cooks. So it’s no surprise that Blinkie’s has resplendent blue-and-yellow Rams donuts (and also Patriots donuts, but who cares?) this week. The Super Bowl donuts are $2.75 each or $27.50 for a dozen, and you might also want to grab some stellar old-fashioneds, cake donuts, and assorted L.A.-inspired flavors while you’re at Blinkie’s.

Blinkie's Donuts
Credit: Erin Franzman

Actor-turned-restaurateur Danny Trejo, who once supplied the Rams food truck with tacos and donuts, also has Super Bowl donuts this week. The Rams-inspired options at Hollywood’s Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts include $2.50 round donuts and $3.50 football-shaped donuts. The football-shaped ones have the jersey numbers of current players like quarterback Jared Goff (#16) and also Rams legend Eric Dickerson (#29).

Trejo's Coffee and Donuts
Credit: Courtesy of Trejo's Coffee and Donuts

Brianna Abrams’ Winston Pies, which has shops in Brentwood and West Hollywood, is making “touchdown pie” with a dark-chocolate-cookie crust (which happens to be gluten-free) and peanut butter mousse that’s topped with milk chocolate and pretzels. You can get this as a five-inch mini pie ($10) or an 11-inch full-sized pie ($45).

Winston Pies
Credit: Hillary Hogard, JS2PR

What to drink

Toast your local team with some good local beer. The Stalking Horse, 6th & La Brea Brewery, and Bluebird Brasserie, all part of L.A.’s New Original Breweries, recently started selling beer to go in 32-ounce crowlers. On Super Bowl Sunday, all three of these breweries will offer three-packs of crowlers for $20.

New Original Breweries Crowlers
Credit: Courtesy of New Original Breweries

You can also grab take-home crowlers at Cedd Moses’ Imperial Western Beer Co. And if you come the day before the game, all crowlers will be discounted by $2. A crowler of Fred Harvey Hefeweizen, for example, will be $9 at Imperial Western on Saturday, and other crowlers will range from $10 to $13.