The chef shows off some of what he's learned during his time away and hints more at the reopening of his iconic restaurant.

noma 2.0
Credit: Robin Van Lonkhuijsen / Getty Images

Since René Redzepi closed Noma’s doors in Copenhagen on December 31 of 2016, the chef and his team have been on a whirlwind tour. Highlighted by sold out pop-ups in Tulum, Mexico and New York City, the Noma team left their Danish home. But Redzepi announced the restaurant would be reopening in 2017. There have been some roadblocks to the reopening, like the discovery of an ancient wall that had to be examined and worked around. In the meantime though their travels around the world continue as Redzepi looks for inspiration for his new menu. And the chef of the four-time World’s Best Restaurant winner recorded a video from his current stop in the Faroe Islands, in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland.

During the stop in the Faroes, Redzepi and company discovered local foods, like the bevy of langostines he shows off in the video, as well as some perspective. “We’ve been on the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, we’ve been to Sweden, Norway. Traveling around Denmark going from farm to farm, butcher to butcher, fisherman to fisherman—simply trying to see what’s out there.” Redzepi says the team’s travels around Scandinavia have given them new insights as they plan their dishes and, that while the new Noma now won’t open until 2018, that might be a blessing in disguise. “In all honesty, it might even be a good thing for us,” he says. “Because on these journeys there’s so many things that we’ve learned, so many things we’ve seen, so much stuff to work on. That to actually have a month more to work on the new menus and the fresh ideas we have is a good thing. We’re actually really happy about that. So you’re just going to have to wait and see what’s coming.”

For those that simply can’t wait though, they can try to get their fix at Under the Bridge. The pop up opened by 30 Noma employees in Copenhagen this summer, is still up and running and reservations are available.