By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 25, 2015
© Design Pics Inc / Alamy

The parade of cute animal cafés continues to get better with another planned pop-up in London, this time featuring foxes. Like the tiny pig picnic and an earlier owl pop-up, this “café”—called Stevie the Fox—will be more about meeting adorable foxes than the food you eat while you do it. The edible offerings will consist of cookies from British cookie giant Fox’s Biscuits and mints from Fox’s Mints. We know what you’re thinking, because it’s the same thing we were thinking: This is obviously just some stupid PR stunt by Fox’s. A spokesperson for the pop-up insists that Stevie the Fox is in no way affiliated with the companies, though—a claim made more believable when we discovered that the companies actually have no affiliation with each other. Walter Richard Fox founded Fox’s Glacier Mints in 1880, and Michael Spedding started Fox’s Biscuits in 1853, and the only thing they share is a name.

But no one will show up for the cookies or the mints, anyway; what everyone will come for is the opportunity to cuddle and play with six trained, domesticated foxes. That’s exactly what organizers want. Their goal is to alter commonly held British perceptions that foxes are nuisances. The pop-up expects an overwhelming turnout, so anyone who wants to go will have to enter a lottery for the chance to buy a £15 ticket, which entitles you to a full 90 minutes of fox time. They have already received more than 2,000 entries. We know there are lots of logistical hoops to jump through in order to open a fox café in this country, but come on, America, someone should figure this out. Maybe we can even do the Brits one better with an ili pika café. If you haven’t seen the ili pika yet, it will make your day.

For lucky Brits, Stevie the Fox will open for three weeks on May 25 in an as-yet unannounced location in East London.