Goa-Inspired Cooking Gets Its Due in New York City

Chef Hussain Shahzad is bringing the most popular dishes from his acclaimed Mumbai restaurant O Pedro to America.

Food from the Indian state of Goa rarely appears in American restaurants, but New York is about to get a lot of it all at once. Starting in February, chef Hussain Shahzad's acclaimed Goan-inspired restaurant, O Pedro, will travel from Mumbai to New York City, making it the fourth restaurant-in-residence at Intersect by Lexus since the program launched in 2018.

Pork Neck Assado | Intersect by Lexus
Intersect by Lexus

The eclectic bar and restaurant, which riffs on traditional Goan cuisine and its Portuguese influences, spotlights Shahzad's favorite ingredients, techniques, and drinks from the famously chill southwestern stretch of Indian coast. During O Pedro's four-month stint in New York's Meatpacking neighborhood, he aims to show off dishes and flavors that many Americans have likely never experienced.

Chefs Hussain Shahzad | Intersect by Lexus
Intersect by Lexus

Take the Choriz Chilli Taco, one of O Pedro's most popular items. Goa is the only state in India that makes sausage, Shahzad says, and O Pedro takes chorizo (brought to the region by the Portuguese centuries ago) and piles it onto a chewy taco of thin, pillowy bhakri.

"They're the only people who mastered making sausage in a subtropic climate," Shahzad says. "Where every other charcuterie comes from, it tends to be colder regions."

Having traveled extensively in Goa and Portugal before opening O Pedro in 2017, Shahzad is particularly interested in reviving waning traditions like wood-fired breadmaking. Every table at O Pedro—and soon at Intersect by Lexus—showcases a sourdough version of Goan yeast-leavened bread, served alongside "balchow" butter. Balchão is a super-spicy, pickle-like preparation most commonly associated with shrimp and seafood; the Portuguese also brought vinegar-based pickling to Goa, and thus to India.

"As Goans, we added spices and chillies to accentuate the pickles," Shahzad says. "So it's smoky, sweet, sour, and spicy."

Goan Striped Bass Curry | Intersect by Lexus
Intersect by Lexus

Other dishes making it to New York for the first time will be purple potato and kohlrabi danger (seasoned fried patties "inspired by the Hindus of Goa"), pork neck assado ("great marbling, great fat-to-meat ratio, great on the grill"), Alaskan King Crab Kismur (crispy and tossed with chillies, curry leaves, and fresh coconut masala), and some classic Lisboa pastel de nata.

Alaskan King Crab Kismur | Intersect by Lexus
Intersect by Lexus

The menu also includes some of the drinks that have made O Pedro one of Mumbai's coolest cocktail destinations, including "Not a Bloody Mary," which is made with clarified tomato water, chorizo, and a celery chilli rim.

Below, find the O Pedro menu that will be served at Intersect by Lexus.


Pedro's Gin & Tonic

Mr. Fernandez's Fancy Drink

Vasco Sour

Not A Bloody Mary

Meri Tai


Sourdough Poee with 'Balchow' Butter


Charred Pumpkin Pâté

'Canned' Sardines

Lamb 'Guacamole'


Lotus Root Chilli Fry

Purple Potato & Kohlrabi 'Dangar'

Seafood Tower

Prawn 'Balchow'

Crispy Puffer Fish

Alaskan King Crab 'Kismur'

Chorizo Braised Octopus

Quail 'Piri-Piri'

Choriz Chili Taco

Veal Tongue Carpaccio

Roasted Bone Marrow


Sun-dried Green Pea Curry 'Watana Rassa'

Goan Striped Bass Curry 'Sheet Kodi'

Whole Red Snapper 'Rechado'

Pork Neck 'Assado'

Grilled Rib Eye 'Jeere-Meere'

Duck 'Xacutti'


Lisboa Pastel de Nata

Crêpe Cake

Portuguese Doughnuts 'Sonhos'

Kokum Sorbet 'Sundae'

Intersect by Lexus, 412 West 14th Street New York, NY.

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