Following a $110 million renovation, the Celino will house two fine-dining restaurants with old-school Miami vibes: Pubblica Italiana and Dalia. 

Credit: Courtesy Celino

There’s a new hotel complex coming to Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive – and once it opens, it will make history as the largest property to ever debut on the iconic street. Following a $110 million renovation, the Celino will take over three original Art Deco buildings and a new five-story atrium space, which together will house a 132-room boutique hotel, two large oceanfront pool decks, and most importantly, two new fine-dining restaurants, Pubblica Italiana and Dalia.

Chef Patrick Ochs, who is leading both concepts, says the project still feels like a dream. Born in Canada to Filipino and German parents, Ochs grew up serving, prepping, and cooking inside his father’s neighborhood-like Peruvian restaurant, which the family took ownership of once they moved to the U.S. and settled in Maryland. And now, after years of training under the likes of Tom Colicchio, Bryan Voltaggio, and Scott Conant, Ochs is facing the biggest opportunity of his career inside the now-largest property on Ocean Drive.

“While working with Tom Colicchio, I got an opportunity to work in Miami,” Ochs remembers. “I packed up my knives and one suitcase, and I was off. A couple years after that, working at Scarpetta for Scott Conant and later leading Colicchio’s Beachcraft, this opportunity just fell on my lap. It’s still hard to believe.”

Owned by the Toronto-based hospitality company, Ink Entertainment, Pubblica Italiana and Dalia’s hope is to bring fine dining back to Ocean Drive, an area which over the years has become one of Miami’s most infamous spots for price-gouging and a rowdy nightlife scene. Once open, the restaurants will unite Ochs’ background of working at some of the most acclaimed restaurants around the country with a touch of old-school Miami.

Celino Ocean Drive Miami Beach
Credit: Courtesy Celino

“With experience working in hotels and restaurants, I feel like we’re bringing everything together here at the Celino,” Ochs says. “Our main focus is to showcase the food, instead of taking away from it.”

Expected to open sometime before summer, Dalia will serve Mediterranean cuisine on the ground floor of the hotel’s main building, while Pubblico Italiana will dish out coastal-inspired items inside the atrium space. The Celino’s horseshoe-shaped cocktail bar and lounge, which runs from inside to the outdoor deck, plans to become a spot for live music, performances, and other weekly activations.

“Pubblica will definitely be more casual, traditional, and family friendly,” he says. “You’ll notice it’s a little rustic too with artful plating and as many fresh and local ingredients we can source. On the other hand, Dalia is more modern with dishes that are straightforward and clean.”

Menus aren’t finalized, but Ochs revealed a sneak peek: At Pubblica Italiana, look out for Fried Zucchini with whipped ricotta and truffle honey, Braised Short Rib Cavatelli complemented by a red wine reduction and pickled pearl onions, and Yellowtail Snapper with caponata and tomato oil. At Dalia, Ochs shared items like Snapper Ceviche with labneh, toasted pine nuts, and crispy shallots, Falafel Fritters with pickled red cabbage, and Wagyu Moussaka with eggplant, tomato, and feta béchamel.

“It’s been a great experience being in charge of opening a restaurant from start to finish,” he says. “Watching my dad as a chef is what has gotten me to here. I guess you could say I’m following in his footsteps. He actually recently retired, so I think he’s proud to see how far I’ve come.”

Though Pubblica Italiana and Dalia will each have a dedicated chef de cuisine, Ochs plans to stay heavily involved with the restaurants’ execution.

“I enjoy being in the hotel world,” Ochs says. “Of course, it’s a chef’s dream to open their own restaurant. I wouldn’t want to leave that out. But right now, I’m grateful for the chance to work with multiple outlets and venues. It allows me as a chef to continue growing and evolving.”

The openings of Pubblica Italiana and Dalia come after Ink Entertainment’s launch of the Eastern Mediterranean restaurant Byblos in 2015 inside the Royal Palm South Beach.

The Celino. 640 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach.