Anyone interested in dropping in before May will want to set an alarm for November 16 at 4 p.m. Copenhagen time.
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Credit: ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN / Getty Images

One of the most anticipated restaurant openings in modern memory officially has a date, and even more importantly for those who actually want to go, a start time for reservations. According to a post on Noma’s official website, reservations to the new Noma 2.0 will launch on November 16 at 4pm Copenhagen time (CET). That’s 10am Eastern Time and 7am Pacific Time, meaning Americans looking to put a crown jewel in their upcoming Copenhagen travel plans won’t even have to be bleary eyed while staring at their computers.

Once open, this first round of reservations will cover a booking window from February 15 to April 29. Ostensibly, this means that Noma’s official opening date, at least to the public, will be February 15 – a likely disappointment to someone’s Valentine’s Day plans. Still, seeing as the opening faced a setback as recently as this September, it’s good to hear that everything is officially back on track.

As for what the new Noma will be like, this update provides plenty of information. “Our opening menu will celebrate Scandinavian seafood, which is at its absolute best during the cold, winter months,” the Noma team writes. “Each serving on the menu will include some element from the ocean.”

This will be the first of Noma’s three annual “seasons.” The “vegetable season” will take place from early summer to early fall which will “make full use of our urban garden” while “our foragers will also be working overtime to maximize the time of the year when the plant kingdom reigns supreme.” Then, from early fall to January, “game and forest season” takes over which will be “the only period of the year when meat will play a starring role.”

Other key details: The number of services has gone down and the price has gone up at the now 40 seat restaurant. Noma 2.0 will only be open for lunch and dinner, Wednesday through Saturday. “You may notice that we’ve reduced the number of days we’re open from five to four, and increased the price of the menu from 2000 to 2,250 DKK [approximately $352, not including beverages],” the announcement states. “Noma’s strength lies in its staff; we’ve come to this decision in an effort to give them a better quality of life, both at work, and outside it.” Also, reservations will only be available for even numbered parties, so make sure to pair up nicely!

Lastly, Noma does provide a few other options beyond the above. First, 10 percent of seats each night will be reserved for students (chosen at random from a waiting list) who can get in for less than half the price, drink pairings included. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those willing to spend at least $6,250 can book the private dining room with a maximum capacity of 16 guests. Lastly, “a shared table will also be offered on occasion. Please sign up for the shared table waiting list if interested, and we will contact guests as they become available.”

And there you have it. How do you say “good luck” in Danish?