A new Noma video provides a 90-second glimpse into the highly-anticipated restaurant
noma partners with omaze
Credit: Courtesy of Omaze

About a month ago, we reported on a unique opportunity to attend opening night at the New Noma in Copenhagen on February 15. In a partnership between Chef Rene Redzepi’s “global food community” nonprofit MAD and the charity fundraising platform Omaze, an ongoing sweepstakes is being held with the winners scoring a table for two during that highly-anticipated first dinner service as well as airfare, accommodations and a behind the scenes tour of the facility the day after your meal. It’s being billed as the last chance to attend this historic event, which was otherwise all booked up practically as soon as reservation became available.

But here’s the thing: Though it’s impossible to secure a seat at New Noma’s opening night any other way, you’re also extremely unlikely to win the sweepstakes. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t enter: Every single entry has a chance at winning, and all the money goes to a good cause. Still, Omaze’s site doesn’t specifically say how many entries have been received so far, however, some high profile campaign perks have already sold out: things like signed aprons, which require 50,000 entries, a half-day in the fermentation lab, which requires 100,000 entries, and the “Daniel Barber Experience,” which requires 250,000 entries. The moral: It would seem likely that millions of entries have already been received.

But even though your chances of getting to New Noma are still extremely slim, don’t fear: Omaze just did you a huge solid. To continue to promote the sweepstakes, which is open for 20 more days, the charity company has collaborated with Rene Redzepi to create a 90-second behind-the-scenes video – one of our first chances to see inside the mystery that is Noma 2.0. You get a look at the kitchen, a very quick peek at the fermentation lab, and a preview of many of the wild ingredients Redzepi already has in mind for opening day.

“There might be even one of these on the menu,” Redzepi says, pulling a strange slimy thing from a pot. “This is a sea cucumber. It’s been boiled. And it’s not ready yet.” He then gives the most charming laugh you’ll ever hear before quipping, “It’s gonna be delicious.”

seafood at noma and omaze
Credit: Courtesy of Omaze

Alright, Rene! You win! More entries please!