You might recognize Pizzeria da Michele from Eat Pray Love.
Credit: Angelafoto/Getty Images

If you like pizza and you live on the West Coast, you’re very lucky—this spring, one of Naples’ most storied pizzerias is coming to Hollywood, reports Eater. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which opened in Naples in 1870, is set to debut in a 3,000-square-foot space this spring, replacing Café des Artistes. This marks the pizzeria’s first U.S. location, and the fifth country worldwide—other outposts outside of Italy include Barcelona, London, Tokyo, and Fukuoka, according to its site. And yes, if you’ve read or seen Eat Pray Love, Da Michele makes an appearance during Liz Gilbert’s travels to Italy (but its reputation goes back way further than 2006).

If you’re not familiar with the pizzeria, allow us to paint a picture. For starters, it made our list of “20 Pizzas to Eat in Italy Before You Die,” and100 Restaurants in Europe Worth a Pilgrimage”—yes, it’s that good. In keeping with the Neapolitan tradition, Da Michele only serves two different kinds of pie—marinara and margherita—so save the sausage orders for another pizzeria. But Da Michele does those two pizzas incredibly well: Food writer Robbie Swinnerton quite aptly referred to it as, “the classic. The well-spring. The pilgrimage site. Not necessarily the best pizza in the world, but definitely the benchmark.” On a recent visit to Naples, the crowds swarming Da Michele went a block in every direction.

So basically, when this pizzeria opens, we’ll be hopping on the next cross-country flight we can find.

The restaurant will also serve breakfast in the mornings, per Eater's write-up—although there’s not much word on the menu yet besides that Naples-born Michele Rubini will be using Da Michele’s original recipes and ingredients in the Hollywood location.

While we wait for more concrete menu details (and a firm opening date), there’s plenty of homemade pizza recipes you can try in the meantime to tide you over—check out some of our favorites here.